Cloud Architecture

Cloud Infrastructure is different

Technologies change. Our approach doesn’t.

You have a strategic plan in place to solve critical business challenges by leveraging cloud computing but your current physical architecture may not allow for a straightforward lift and shift migration. And, you’d like to maximize your benefit by architecting your site to get the most of the available cloud resources. Factors like latency, fault tolerance, monitoring and management, database sizing, and disk I/O requirements all must be taken into consideration for an effective site design.

We help automate your cloud infrastructure with our expertise in "infrastructure as code" methodologies. Be it AWS, or Google, Oracle, our toolset normally includes Terraform and a configuration management tool like Chef or Ansible. We use Git Flow, Semantic Versioning and Jenkins (or CodeBuild) to increase your application team's velocity. We implement CodePipeline and CodeDeploy to continuously deliver your product. We bake AMIs with Packer and use Docker for environment parity.

With the advent of AWS services like Lambda and DynamoDB, or Google Cloud Functions with Firebase, we build cloud-native applications that are ready for infinite scale. We use these with frameworks like Serverless and Apex to build highly-available services with a minimal cost and maintenance overhead.